Effective clinical decision making in urgent care settings is hampered by slow and outdated technologies that can require hours or even days to deliver an actionable test result. The consequences are dire: increased patient suffering; additional healthcare cost to patient, hospital, and payer; inappropriate use of antibiotics; spread of resistant microbes; and increased morbidity and mortality rates.

With a simple, sample-to-answer solution, the InSilixa platform provides actionable results in < 1 hour to guide treatment decisions and promote greater antibiotic stewardship through targeted pathogen identification and drug susceptibility profiling.

Our disposable sample-to-answer cartridge (HYDRA-1K) is designed to accommodate a wide range of sample types: sputum, blood, urine, and puss. The sample is loaded into the cartridge, automatically lysed, and the purified genetic material then introduced into the CMOS biochip for DNA/RNA analysis. The biochip detects the presence and abundance of up to 1000 unique sequences which identify, genotype, and quantify the target pathogens and determine their drug susceptibility profiles.

The consequences of having such results in < 1 hr are significant: improved patient care; cost-efficient treatment; preservation of our antibiotic arsenal; and real-time surveillance of infectious diseases.